Sunday, October 12, 2014

Two Books by Nelson DeMille

A friend of mine recommended Night Fall by Nelson DeMille to me.  It sounded good, so I got it from

the library.  What I didn't realize was that I would be so mesmerized by it that when I finished it, I had to immediately drive to the library to get the next book in the series!
Night Fall is the third of five in a series DeMille wrote that features detective John Corey.  Corey was married to Kate, an attorney and  FBI agent.  Following Corey's  retirement from NYPD, he joined Kate on the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force. The story takes place in 2001, five years after flight TWA 800 exploded off the Long Island coast.  Corey accompanied Kate to the five year memorial of the crash.  While there, Kate shared some questions and wonderings with Corey that peaked his interest in the case.  The crash had been determined to be "mechanical failure", but as Corey began to look into it, there were people that didn't believe that was the case. Witnesses had reported seeing a guided missile hitting the plane. As Corey worked the case, even though he had been warned off of it, he learned that there may have been a couple who had inadvertently recorded the explosion.
 The story is basically about the search for the couple and the tape.  As I realized that the story was getting close to 9/11, the anxiety rose!
 This was a fascinating story, that left me with lots of questions and concerns about flight 800. 
 And so, as I said, I had to go immediately to get the next book in the series, Wild Fire.  In this story, it
is 2002 and Corey has been searching for terrorists.  Corey and Kate start out investigating the disappearance of one of their fellow FBI agents.  The agent had been sent to the Adirondacks to do surveillance at the Custer Hill Club, which consisted of a group of powerful business and political men.  Their code name was Wild Fire.
As you recall, this is during the time that the United States is contemplating war on Iraq.  The group Wild Fire have four nuclear suitcases and a plan to start a war making it appear that the other countries started it.  And so Corey and Kate came to the Custer Hill Club and all of this slowly unfolded.  How they worked the case was fascinating.
Like Night Fall, Wild Fire left me with lots of wondering and considering.  I had never read any of Nelson DeMille's books before, but these two certainly left me as a fan!