Monday, November 24, 2008

Books for Christmas

Are you buying books for gifts for others this year? (Of course, you are buying books for yourself...who could not, if you enter a book store?). so far, I have bought 3 book gifts, but have some others in the plans.

I also bought 2 October birth grandchildren books for their birthdays. I had not heard of either of the books, but one was about Pyramids for 7 year old Chris and the other was about a girl starting 3rd grade for Lexie, who just began (you guessed it) 3rd grade!

Then my daughters had birthdays in November and they each received books that I have requested to read when they have finished them!

I would be curious to know what books are you giving for gifts this year? I will share that the 3 I have bought so far are Babar, a Betty Crocker cookbook for Kids, and Jon Meacham's The Last Lion.

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