Thursday, May 28, 2009

More this and that

Here is a picture of my library area. It holds the largest amount of my books and the most comfortable reading chair ever (if you can stay awake sitting in it!). I also should add that my husband built it for me (he is the best!). I also have book areas in my study and in my bedroom. You can never have enough book space! I am also working on my husband to get our hammock up so that when it warms up I can head out there!

Today is my 3rd day of retirement and I am just beginning to give myself permission to read whenever I want to! I received 2 new books for retirement gifts...John Grisham's The Appeal and The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block. Anxious to get to those. I also have waiting to be read No One You Know and Loving Frank. I need to get to it!

Over the holiday weekend we made a visit to the Illinois Antique Center in Peoria IL and I found 2 more books that I had to have: Diary of a Union Lady 1861-1865 by Maria Lydig Daly and The Lincoln Enigma edited by Gabor Boritt. I want to learn more about Abraham Lincoln and have several other books waiting on my bookshelf in my study to read about him.

I am still reading Handle With Care. It is a difficult subject to read for me, so it has been rather slow going. I am curious to finish it however, to see how the ending is handled. More on that later!

I think that I will go read for a bit!


Nymeth said...

Congratulations on your retirement!! And enjoy your reading :)

Bybee said..., beautiful!
definitely yes with the hammock!