Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Skinny Bitch

A no-nonsense tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!

That's the sub-title for the book, Skinny Bitch, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.  I had never read any of their books, but this title intrigued me, so I picked it up.  It was a quick read, and there is a lot of good and very interesting information in the book.

However, as a warning, if you haven't read any of their books before, the language is surprising and somewhat harsh, especially when you aren't expecting it.  It was quite a shock after having just read Women Food and God (by Geneen Roth), which is a very gentle, kind, nurturing book.  Skinny Bitch is a right-in-your-face kind of book.  Yet, has pretty much the same message as anything else you might read about eating/dieting, etc.

Including "You are what you eat."  I was really glad that I didn't have bacon for my breakfast this morning.

In terms of good sense, the book tells you (in no uncertain terms) to give up soda, dairy, meats, sugar, etc.  The premise is become vegan.  And, honestly, after reading what they described about the slaughterhouses, I gave it serious thought.  But I am not there at this point, as I settled in with a great hamburger for dinner tonight!  There really is a lot of good, and important information in the book and I am considering to begin to put some of what I read into practice.  I have already cut down to one diet soda a day (usually) and I am thinking that I may let go of that.

It is an entertaining book.  And I did learn quite a lot from it!


Anonymous said...

It's great!!..........................................

Bybee said...

They were funny, but suggested foods that would be difficult and maybe impossible to get over here.

Brenna said...

I agree the language was pretty harsh but they did a good job getting their message across. I read it a few years ago and to this day I still think about it every time I drink a glass of milk.