Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Quiet Game

After having read Blood Memory last week, I went on to my local library to see if they had any more books by Greg Iles.  Imagine my surprise when I saw almost a whole shelf of books by him!  I was thrilled!  I chose The Quiet Game to read and I chose a winner!  Great mystery story set in Natchez, Mississippi.

Penn Cage has returned to Natchez with his four year old daughter, Annie, to stay with his parents for awhile.  His wife, Sarah, died seven months earlier and he is a bit overwhelmed with dealing with both his feelings and Annie's emotions.  He wants Annie to have some time with his mother, and for both he and Annie to begin some healing.  However, upon his return, Penn learns that his father, a well-loved local doctor, is being blackmailed.  As Penn, a former prosecutor-turned-author, begins to investigate what is happening with his father, he comes face-to-face with an unsolved thirty year old murder, involving a black man, the FBI, local judges, etc.  The black man was killed in 1968 between the time of the killings of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.  Is there a connection?

Meanwhile, there are some romantic things going on also.  A lost love from twenty years ago, and a brand new love interest.

This book has many twists and turns and kept me up reading late every night until I finished it.  I really like his writing.  As soon as I finish my next book, it will be back to the library for another of Greg Iles' books!

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