Monday, June 25, 2012

The Memories We Keep

The Memories We Keep by Walter Zacharuis is the story of Mia Levy, who began life as a young Jewish girl from Poland.  Mia was headed toward a career as a pianist until WWII approached, and Mia's family began to see what was happening in their small town.  However, by the time Mia's father decided that the family must leave, it was too late and instead of boarding a train to safety, the family was on a train to a work camp.  Mia escaped from the train and began her journey of survival, going to New York, where an uncle had gone.  There Mia met the love of her life, Vinnie, a fellow musician.  However, Mia could not forget that her parents and brother were taken to a work camp, and she found a job that allowed her to join the Resistance in Paris, leaving Vinnie behind, as she tried to learn what had become of her family.  

I finished the book, but was disappointed in it.  The life Mia lived in Paris seemed a bit unrealistic to me (although I don't doubt that some may have lived that life).  And the ending of the book was hard to believe (I won't share it here in case someone wants to read the story). 

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