Saturday, July 14, 2012

My continuing struggle with non-fiction reading

I read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand for one of my book groups.  While I thought that the story was very well-written and researched, I just didn't enjoy the story.  And it is a great story of survival.  I just don't enjoy reading about WWII Japanese prison camps. The horror of the brutality is not what I want to read for enjoyment.  That's just a personal thing and in no way do I mean to reflect badly on the book.  I know that millions have enjoyed the book, as did my book's just not my kind of reading.

The other non-fiction book that I read recently was by Pat Conroy, one of my favorite authors.  The book is called The Water is Wide.  It is the story of a year when Mr. Conroy chose to teach young children on the island of Yamacraw off of South Carolina.  It was an interesting book.  I guess I was disappointed reading it, because I love his fiction so much! This was more mundane.

Obviously, I am not a big non-fiction fan, something that I have been trying to push myself to resolve.  Still working on it...

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Susan said...

I meant to comment earlier on this, Sue. I have a difficulty with non-fiction reading too. I like to think I enjoy it, but really it's an effort. I want to be open to reading out of my comfort zone too, and I am anxious to learn things....but I find I get bored easily with non-fiction. Fiction is what I reach for naturally, for pure pleasure. I'll keep trying though!