Monday, March 3, 2014

Iron House

I picked up Iron House by John Hart because I had read The Last Child, also written by him, in 2010 Iron House did not disappoint.  It was a story that after I got a bit into it, I could not put it reading a good book that you can't even stay away from!
and really enjoyed it.

Iron Mountain Home for Boys was an orphanage that brothers Michael and Julian were placed in as young boys.  Michael was the older and looked out for Julian, who was not only younger but was also described as rather weak and sensitive.  The Home appeared to be one of survival of the fittest, with lots of bullying and violence going on.  One night, a young boy was brutally killed, and so that Julian wasn't blamed, Michael took off and ran away.

Julian was adopted soon after, but Michael stayed missing.  Michael had made his way to New York and was eventually taken in by a generous wealthy man, who is involved in organized crime. That becomes Michael's life.  Twenty years later Michael met Elena and wanted out of the business.  The old man was dying, and seemed to respect that Michael wanted out and gave Michael his blessing. However, after the old man died, his son vowed to come after Michael and threatened to also come after Michael's beloved brother, Julian (whom Michael had not seen since the night he ran away from the Home).

So Michael and Elena took off in search of Julian and the story really gets intriguing!

I found this book to be a great mystery.  I really enjoy Mr. Hart's writing.

"We can all live with doubts.
It's the knowing that breaks us."

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