Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

This is crazy.  I usually avoid Young Adult books altogether, and now The Fault in Our Stars by John
Green is the second one I have read in two months.  And the second one that I have really liked! My granddaughter had recommended this one to me months ago, and while visiting at her house a few weeks ago I borrowed it from her and read it (in one day...a quick read).

It is, at appearances, a rather simple book, but I found great wisdom and compassion in the story.  The book is narrated by Hazel Grace, who at age sixteen, had thyroid cancer and was being kept alive by an experimental drug.  Hazel Grace had withdrawn from school a couple of years earlier to deal with her illness and, at her parents urging, began to attend a support group for young cancer patients.  Of course, the hard part of that was that the group members would always be in various stages of life/death.  The good part was that Hazel Grace met other kids her age who good be good support.  It was there that she met Augustus who had lost a leg to cancer.  The connection/attraction was immediate between them.

At the essence of the story is Augustus' concern about how he will be remembered...he wanted his life to have meaning.  Hazel Grace's concern was how her death would hurt her parents.

Without giving away the rest of the story, be assured that it is a beautiful one.

**My granddaughter makes this reading-obsessed grandmother proud!**

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