Monday, October 26, 2015

the arsonist

Sue Miller is an author that I have read before and have liked her books.  The arsonist was not one of
my favorites.  It was an interesting story, but wasn't great.  Both of my book groups read it.

The story centers around Frankie Rowley, who came home to New Hampshire after spending years working in Africa.  She wasn't sure that she was making a difference in Africa anymore and came home to be with her parents. Her parents were staying at their summer home and her father appeared to be slipping into dementia. Her mother didn't seem to have much sympathy for or caring about him. Once Frankie arrived, a series of fires began in the summer vacation area.  Frankie soon met the local newsman and began an affair with him, that she appeared to struggle with in terms of committing to him.  He was caught up in the arson stories, as was everyone in the town.   The ending of the book seemed weak.

The book examined relationships, commitment, and fulfilling one's purpose.  I didn't think that it really hit the mark.

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