Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Books 5 and 6 of the Outlander Series

It's taken me forever to get through the Outlander series, primarily because they are such huge books and I have to fit in reading them in-between books for my two book groups!

The two that I have recently (used in loose terms) finished were The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow and Ashes, 1443 and 1439 pages respectively.  It really took me forever to finish The Fiery Cross, because the story seemed to drag on forever.  It was only near the end of the book that the story became interesting to me, when an unexpected person showed up.  Then I began A Breath of Snow and Ashes right away (in March) and just finished it up this past week.  It was a much more interesting read.

To very briefly sum up both books, Jamie and Claire Fraser were now settled in North Carolina and the two books go from 1771 to 1776, so the Revolutionary War was beginning/going on. But as you can see, that is both books covering only five years together!

I have to say, the author, Diana Gabaldon, does a great job at ending the books in a way that I can't help but immediately want to begin the next one in the series! We'll see how long the next one takes me to get through!

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