Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Broken Girls

The Broken Girls

The Broken Girls by Simone St. James was a book group choice for March.  It was a good mystery. I liked the way it was written, going between 1950 and then to 2014.  It also was not predictable (to me, at least, nor to any of the book group).

The Broken Girls is really two stories connected and intertwined with each other.  Part of the book is about a four girls living in a boarding school called Idlewild Hall in 1950.  It was where the "unwanted girls" were sent. Those girls who caused trouble for their families in various ways were sent there.  Even in 1950, it was said that the school was haunted. The other part of the book is set in 2014, when Fiona Sheridan, a journalist, learned that the school was being restored.  Her sister had been found dead on that property twenty years earlier.  Fiona decided to write a story about Idlewood Hall, not realizing, of course, that she would be opening up all kinds of secrets.

It's a good mystery!  I recommend it!

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