Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Mission Statement?

I wonder if a blog should have a mission statement? Like why did I create this blog? What is it's purpose? What do I hope to accomplish? I guess I would answer that I want to share my love of books with others. I am often asked my friends, relatives and co-workers about "what's a good book to read?". Hopefully, I can share my choices here and that others will also share their opinions. I really want to hear from others about books discussed and books recommended.

I have to admit to a lifelong love affair with books. Even as a very young child, my favorite gift to receive was always a book. My favorite places to visit are libraries and book stores! My children have become great readers, and now I am working on my grandchildren! My oldest grandchild, Lexie, is 8 and is becoming an excellent reader. Perhaps she will share some of her favorite children's books with us on this blog!

I think that my first few posts will be of lists of books that I have really enjoyed over the past 8 years. In 2000, I began logging books read, with notations about how I liked them. Hopefully, the lists will give others some ideas of books that they might also enjoy.


Maggie said...

My mom has a blog (and I don't)?

Great blog topic- when I am done with my semester and can read for fun, I will have to try some of your books. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in political theory, I can make some recommendations!

Elizabeth said... your blog and your book choices. Did you read Books A Memoir by McMurtry? I read it and he mentions many books, one in particular I cannot remember, and I want to read it. He said he would give it to his daughter if he had one or that he believes every young woman should read it. If you know the answer please post it for me? Thank you! Elizabeth

Sue F. said...

Elizabeth-I have not read Books A Memoir. If you locate what he recommended for his daughter to read, I would be really interested to know what it is!
Thanks for your comments!