Wednesday, February 9, 2011

$13.50 bought all of this! Library sales rule!

Two weekends ago,  I had noticed in the Bloomington Illinois newspaper that there was a library sale going on the following weekend.  As I found myself over there last weekend, I headed to Crossroads, where the sale was going on.  I was incredibly impressed with the sale.  Not only was it well organized by categories, the fiction section was also organized on shelves by author.  I was in heaven!!!  As I browsed, I became more and more excited...there were really, really good books there!  Already, I was planning for my next visit in June when the sale was again.  I needed to be more organized in my search and have a list of authors with me!

However, I ended up being quite pleased with what I did end up getting, especially the very last book I found.  I am listing all of the books that I purchased, along with the blurb from the back of the books, in order for you to see what attracted me to the choices: 

1. Life Sentences by Laura Lippman
Author Cassandra Fallows believes she may have found the story that could become her next bestseller.
2. The Seduction of Water by Carol Goodman
 Iris Greenfeder, ABD (All But Dissertation), feels the "buts" are taking over her life: all but published, all but a professor, all but married.
3. A Death In The Family by James Agee
On a sultry summer night in 1915, Jay Follet leaves his house in Knoxville Tennessee to tend his father, whom he believes is dying.
4. People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks
Hanna Heath, an Australian rare book expert, has been offered the job of a lifetime: analysis and conservation of the famed Sarajevo Haggadah, rescued from Serb shelling during the Bosnian war.
5. Remember Me by Trezza Azzopardi
Set in England against the backdrop of WWII, Remember Me is a story of pursuit of stolen goods, of missing years, and of one woman's forgotten history.
6. The Live You've Imagined by Kristina Riggle
Have you ever asked yourself, "what if?"
7. Broke Heart Blues by Joyce Carol Oates.  It didn't even matter what the blurb said.  I love her books!
In the heat of a languid July, fresh from Las Vegas, John Riddy Hart drives into the quiet upstate town of Willowsville, New York.
8. Three Junes by Julia Glass.  This was an amazing find for me and the last book that I found.  I had just looked for it that afternoon at Borders, willing to pay $25 for it, but they did not have it.  It is the March pick for one of my book groups.  Found it for $1.50!

So I headed home (actually to my daughter's home) feeling triumphant with my wonderful finds that cost me all of $9.50!

But wait, the weekend got even better.  Sunday we went to a Pancake Breakfast in the small town where my daughter lives, and their library was selling books!  So for another $4, I got the following:

1. Cast Two Shadows by Ann Rinaldi
It's 1780, and war has come to Camden, South Carolina.
2. My Old True Love by Sheila Kay Adams
The Stantons and the Nortons were families in the truest, oldest sense; extended networks of kin stretching across the mountains, everyone within hiking distance.
3. The History of Love by Nicole Krauss
Leo Gursky is trying to survive a little bit longer, tapping his radiator each evening to let his upstairs neighbor know he's still alive...
4. Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier
No. 13 Hercules Buildings, Lambeth, 1792.

And there is it.  My haul of reading from the past weekend.  Now added to my already full pile of TBR books.  When will it stop?  As long as library sales continue, I will be buying books!

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This pile doth rock! Yay, library sales!