Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reading During a Blizzard

Yes, the Midwest's Blizzard of the century has begun.  I celebrated with reading Genealogical Resources of the Civil War Era by William Dollarhide.  While I realize that not many of this blog's readers are going to be interested in this book, it still deserves a mention!

The book is divided into four sections: Introduction, Resource Groups, Statewide Name Lists, and Best Resource Centers.  It appears to be quite comprehensive with good suggestions for online sources as well as library/book sources.  It covers both Union and Confederate service records.

I have been especially interested in Missouri Confederate records for the past few years and I was impressed with Mr. Dollarhide's list of resources.

I would definitely recommend this book to any genealogists researching Civil War service history of ancestors.

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Brenna said...

Good luck during the storm! We have been getting hit hard for the last 3 hours - and I have been happily curled on the couch reading :)