Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The World Below

Another author whose books I have enjoyed is Sue Miller.  The World Below was published in 2001.  I bought it at a library for twenty-five cents the other day.  It was quite a bargain!

This book goes back and forth between generations of a grandmother and her granddaughter.  The granddaughter, Cath, was left her grandmother's home in Vermont upon her aunt's death.  Cath left San Francisco to go to Vermont to live for awhile as she tried to make some sense of her life and her future.  While living in the house, she discovered her grandmother's diaries.  This discovery lead Cath into a journey of learning about her grandmother's life, including her secrets.  Life is not always as it appears.

Fascinating story.  I loved it!  Just the kind of thing I love to read. 

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