Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where or When

Anita Shreve has written quite a few books, many of which I have enjoyed, but every once in awhile I read one of hers that I don't care much for.  Where or When  fits kind of in-between.  I didn't find the characters very believable, nor was the premise of the book.  Just my opinion!

Charles and Sian met at a one-week camp when they were thirteen years old, and "fell in love".  However, they had no contact after that week.  Thirty years later, they are both married to other people and Charles read that Sian had published a book of poetry. Charles decided to send Sian a note congratulating her and suggesting that they get together.  They began writing back and forth and finally meet up with each other for lunch at where else?  The camp where they met.  It had been turned into a lodge/restaurant.  So goes the story.  It ends disastrously for both.

Both characters came across unlikeable to me. They ended up acting as if they were still thirteen....sending tapes of music to each other, clinging to his shirt that he sent her, etc.  Grow up.

(I know-a rather harsh review...if you can believe in love at thirteen, maybe this book would be for you!)

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