Sunday, May 26, 2013


Obsessed-America's Food Addiction-And My Own is a non-fiction book written by Mika Brazezinski of
MSNBC Morning Joe show.  I know, I know...yet, another book written about food.  Yet there is something that seemed a little different about this one. Mika's contention is that as a nation of obese people, we need to "stop blaming ourselves and each other, and look at the real culprits-the food we eat and our addiction to it."  And, as she contends, we need to begin to get really honest about food addictions and how the nation has become one of obesity and food obsessions. In the book, Mika discloses her own food obsession/eating disorder of maintaining being "superthin"  Mika also shares how she confronted her very best friend with the elephant in the room---her friend's obesity.  Together they resolved that the friend, Diane would lose 75 pounds and Mika would gain 10 pounds over the course of writing the book.  She shares the insights that each had and how their food problems were quite similar.

Each chapter of the book offers insight/wisdom/observations from others around the country and how they have dealt with the struggles around food, including Jennifer Hudson, Chris Christie, Gayle King and many others.

The real point of the book is to open up discussion on how to find ways to solve food issues and become a healthy nation.  There are some very interesting points made in the book and it made me think a lot about all the issues.  Good book.

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