Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Light Between the Oceans

The Light Between the Oceans was chosen for May by one of my book groups.  It is the debut novel by
M.L.Stedman.  I already am looking forward to more by this writer!

The first page of the book begins on the 27th of April 1926:

"On the day of the miracle, Isabel was kneeling at the cliff's edge, tending the small, newly made driftwood cross."

And thus begins the story.  Isabel had married Tom Sherbourne, a veteran of WWI who was seeking a peaceful life.  He was the lighthouse keeper on an Australian island and they just wanted a simple life with themselves and children.  But after four years on the island, Isabel had never been able to carry a pregnancy to term and had begun to fall into deep despair.  Then, one day, on that day of the miracle, a small boat appeared on the shore of the island and in the boat was a deceased man with a crying infant.  Isabel considers the infant a gift from God and convinced Tom that no one would ever know that the baby was not their own. Against his better judgement, Tom agreed to keep the secret and so, they named the baby Lucy and  kept her to raise as their own.

Two years passed and, while on their yearly leave into town, they are confronted with the knowledge of Lucy's mother and decisions must be made.

This book lead to a very lively discussion among the book group.  There was not a character that was has great empathy and sympathy for each character, and the decisions that must be made.  It was a bit of a tear-jerker, but would have been whichever way the story went.  I was pleased that it did not end predictably.  Good story, good writing!

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