Sunday, June 16, 2013

Broken Harbor

I'm a big fan of Tana French's novels...mysteries set in I was anxious to get her latest one, , from the library.  It's a good mystery, and a long book, so be prepared.  This one features detective Mikey "Scorcher" Kennedy, a detective who works the Dublin Murder Squad.  Mikey ( who was also in Faithful Place) and his new rookie partner, Richie, were assigned to a murder case out in the newly developed seaside area, now called Brianstown.  Brianstown is an up-and-coming development that was stalled as the economy took a dive.  Years ago, the area was called Broken Harbor, an area that was poor and undeveloped, where his family went for vacations.  As it turned out, the area has a lot of old, painful memories for Mikey.
Broken Harbor

The murders that Mikey was sent to investigate was of two young children and their father.  The children's mother had survived and was hospitalized. Evidence pointed to the father as the killer.

As Mikey investigated the murders, he also had to deal with his mentally ill sister, and his memories of his mother and her death.

The book was good...I enjoyed the mystery part of the book, but I was disappointed in the family history part of the story.  I wanted more.

I have to be honest and fair here...I have read all of Ms. French's book, and while I would recommend all of them, her first, In The Woods, remains my favorite!

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