Monday, April 28, 2014

The Son

The Son by Philipp Meyer was a book group choice.   It is an epic book, epic being the word most
often used in reviews of the book, and for good is epic.

The Son is the story of Eli McCullough and his family.  Eli was born in 1836.  When he was thirteen years old, Eli and his brother were taken captive by a band of Comanche Indians, who killed their mother and sister.  Eli learned the Comanche ways and became their adopted and beloved son.  But as the years passed, the tribe became smaller until almost gone, and Eli was forced to find himself in back in the white world.  Eli became a bigger than life character-his children could never live up to his expectations, especially his son, Peter. However, Eli's great-granddaughter did carry on his lust for success.

The book's story is told between the perspective of the three main characters: Eli, Peter and JA (Jean Ann) and covers the time periods from 1849 to about 2001.  Because the story jumps around, and there are so many minor characters, I found it necessary to refer to the McCullough's family tree presented in the beginning of the book many times to try to keep everyone straight.  That was a bit of a distraction, but eventually, I had it all figured out. I liked reading the story from the different perspectives and time periods.

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