Monday, November 23, 2015

The Barter

This will be a very short post...I read The Barter, a debut novel by Siobhan Adcock, for book group. 
I may have been the only one of the group who read the whole thing.  Others gave up on it early in to it.  It has had some very good reviews, but I certainly missed what the book was really about.

The novel is divided by chapters about two different characters who lived many years apart.  One of the characters was Bridget who was a new mother, and who began to be aware of a frightening presence in her home that no one else could sense.  The other character was Rebecca who had become a mother in 1902, and had struggles with her marriage.

Other than both characters being new mothers and dealing with difficult issues, I never really got the connection.  I will say that I enjoyed reading Rebecca's chapters....I found her story quite compelling and interesting, but I found Bridget's chapters harder to take. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has read this and what their thoughts on it are!

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