Monday, August 24, 2009

More Random

I am quite sorry to report the last 2 books that I read were really not worth the read. I did finish both of them, but was very disappointed with both.

First one read was : The Widow's Season by Laura Brodie. It, of course, was about a woman recently widowed who kept seeing and talking and spending time with her dead husband, who convinces her (or she convinces herself) that he isn't dead, just wanted to get away for awhile.
Enough said.

The second book was a great disappointment to me. It was Angels of Destruction by Keith Donohue. Mr. Donohue is the author of The Stolen Child, one of my alltime favorite books. Perhaps that was part of the disappointment for me. I had great expectations for his next book, and, for me, it didn't fulfill my expectations at all. If I hadn't read The Stolen Child, I probably would have liked the book better. It is a nice story of a 9 year old girl who shows up on a widow's doorstep one day. The widow had one daughter, who had run away 10 years earlier and never returned. She decided to let the little girl stay and they told everyone that Norah (the little girl) was her granddaughter. Norah soon begins sharing at school that she is an angel and the community gets upset with her. I won't tell more of the story, so as not to spoil it. As I said, it was a nice story. It just didn't have the same impact on me that his first book did.

I just returned from a long weekend in Grand Junction, Colorado last week, where I stayed and visited with an old friend, who loves books as much as I do. It was so much fun to talk about books each day and share our favorites. I learned (again, with great disappointment) that there were no independent bookstores open anymore in Grand Junction. However, while at Borders, I bought Run by Anne Patchett and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

I have not begun either of them yet. I just finished Angels of Destruction last night and I have a message that The Story Sisters (by Alice Hoffman) is ready for me at the library, so I am off to get it this morning and will be reading it next.


Jamie said...

So excited that you're reading the Poisonwood Bible! What an excellent book! Let us know how it goes.

Bybee said...

I hate it when books don't work for you. And you had 2 in a row. Judging from your new acquisitions, your luck should be changing. Happy, lucky reading.

Susan said...

I hope you like the Poisonwood Bible. my mother love Barbara Kingsolver, but just didn't get into this book. I really liked Prodigal Summer by her. It is awful though when books aren't as good as we want them to be!

Susan said...

I just saw you read Prodigal Summer at the beginning of the month and loved it. So I really hope you enjoy the Poisonwood Bible.