Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Reading Challenges

Though I haven't joined the official 100 Books Challenge for the year, it is my personal challenge for myself.  If I am to complete it, I need to get a move on far this year I have only read 3 books (to be reviewed next week).  But I am quite excited to announce that I have joined the Irish Reading Challenge!

And I already have my first book for the challenge!  The February book for one of my book groups is Annie Dunne by Sebastian Barry.  I would welcome any other suggestions, as I have committed to reading 4 books for the Challenge.

To join this Challenge or to read about it, go here:


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Ireland Challenge! I look forward to hearing about your Ireland reading. :)

Susan said...

Hi Sue - oh good, you've joined the Irish Challenge! let's see: Patrick Taylor - the Irish Doctor series; Tanya French (mysteries); Roddy Doyle, are some authors I can suggest for the challenge.

The 100 books challenge is a goal for me, as you know. At the very least, it will get you reading more books this year, it does for me!

Muse in the Cube said...

Hi Sue,
I wonder if you would consider reading my upcoming Irish novel (released April 1 by Syracuse University Press)? "Dance Lessons," a contemporary story set in greater Boston and my native Ireland?

The story opens when Ellen, a young American widow, discovers that her Irish-born husband was not an orphan. Haunted by his premature death and their troubled and unfinished marriage, Ellen travels to Ireland and the lakeside village of Gowna, where she encounters her husband's mother, Jo. Most of the book is set on Jo's isolated hilltop farm.

My publisher has made the book available at NetGalley. I would be delighted if you might consider it for review. It's my second novel.

Read more about the book here:

Thanks for your wonderful book site. BTW, I also work in the field of substance abuse and mental health. I must say that I do enjoy it, though I'm in administration, not services.

Best wishes,

Aine Greaney