Monday, January 3, 2011

Half A Life

I had put Half a Life  by Darin Strauss on my Christmas list this past year after reading a review of it done by Nancy Pearl.  And I was lucky enough to receive it Christmas morning! I read it quickly and it is among the very best books that I read in 2010.

This is a memoir written when the author was thirty-six years old.  When he was eighteen years old he accidentally hit a classmate while he was driving a car and she was on a bicycle.  The girl swerved in front of the car and there was nothing that the driver could do.  The girl died.

The book tells about the next half of the author's life, living with this tragic accident.  As the book began "Half my life ago, I killed a girl."  The book is an examination of Mr. Strauss' life after the accident and how he came to terms with the tragedy.

There are great lessons to be learned in this book.  It is not a sad book, but a book of hope.  The part of the book that impacted me the greatest was this: "But we keep making our way, as we have to.  We're all pretty much able to deal even with the worst that life can fire at us, if we simply admit that it is very difficult.  I think that's the whole of the answer."

As a therapist, I have seen probably thousands of times, that as a person is able to just admit the difficulty of events, situations, etc., they are able to move on.  Things can't always be resolved as we would like, but being able to admit that it is just hard can work wonders!

I highly recommend this book to anyone.  Great book!

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