Monday, January 20, 2014

One Good Deed

One Good Deed-365 Days Of Trying To Be Just A Little Bit Better by Erin McHugh took me a full
year to complete.  Do you think that is a long time to take to read one small book?  Not if you follow it one day at a time.  I incorporated reading this book's daily entry into my morning routine...I read that day's entry right after reading my morning Bible and meditation readings.  It has been a good way to start my day.

As Ms. McHugh wrote after the first 100 days:

"In the back of my head now, when I wake up every day, there is a question.  But it's not 'How am I going to fulfill my good deed obligation?' It's more like 'How can I make this day a little better?' I guarantee this sounds cornier than it feels.  But it gives a little extra promise and purpose to life that I hadn't expected."  

The book is what it sounds like.  A daily reading of Ms. McHugh's year of trying to do something good for someone else each day.  I found it challenging and affirming.  Sometimes we are doing good deeds each day for others without even thinking about it.  Other times, I felt like I struggled to find something good to do on a certain day! I know-that is a sad statement, but I am trying to be honest.  Does fixing coffee for my husband (even though I don't drink coffee) in the morning count?  It did for me!

And, for me, that was the real joy of the book...the awareness of both the big things and the little ones that we do for others each day.

I loved this book and I am sad to have completed the year.  Ms. McHugh's writing is lots of fun to read.  She is honest, funny and insightful.  And best of all, inspired me to be a little bit better person each day.

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