Saturday, March 5, 2016


Benediction is the last of the Plainsong trilogy by Kent Haruf. As Plainsong and Eventide did, takes place in Holt. Colorado.  I will miss started to feel like home to me!  Maybe because I live in a small town out in the country!

Benediction is described on the back cover as "...a story about the grace that lies within us all."  Beautiful. I was a bit disappointed that the familiar characters from the first two books were not included in this third book, but as I read, it really didn't matter because Mr. Haruf develops his characters so well, that I was totally taken with the new characters.

This book is about Dad Lewis, who learned that he had terminal cancer.  Dad owned the local hardware store in town, so had been connected to the town people through-out his life.  His wife and daughter were there to care for him.  He was estranged from his son. Rather than being a book about death, it was about memories and looking back.

My favorite take from the book was how people live their lives, quietly doing good that others never know.  I have found this true about people in my own life and it is has been a grace for me to learn.

Another beautiful book and sadly, the end of the trilogy.  Mr. Haruf died in 2014, a year after Benediction was published.

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