Monday, January 18, 2010

The Piano Teacher

I just finished The Piano Teacher and was terribly disappointed in it. I have heard lots of raves about it and I just didn't find it all that good. Actually, until I was about 2/3 through the book, I was pretty bored with it. It did get better at the end.

The story takes place in Hong Kong and jumps back and forth to before World War II and after the war. Will Truesdale comes to Hong Kong in about 1942, right before the Japanese invasion of China. He falls in love with Trudy, who is half Chinese, and quite a social entity in the area. During the occupation, Trudy disappeared.

Ten years later Claire comes to Hong Kong with her husband for his business. Claire becomes a piano teacher for a young girl and is somewhat befriended by the family. The wife in the family was a cousin to Trudy. Claire becomes involved with Will and begins to learn some of what all had happened during the Japanese occupation.

For me the novel was really about the choices and decisions that one makes in life and how those can affect your future. Somehow, the writing just didn't touch me.

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Beth F said...

I have this one here waiting to be read. Sorry it wasn't all that great.