Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our Souls at Night

Our Souls at Night is the last book written by author Kent Haruf (who wrote Plainsong) before his
death in 2014.  It's a sweet, quick read.  Actually, I was going to say that it was a simple little book (only took me about three hours to read), but it's not really as simple as it appears.

Seventy year old Addie Moore had been widowed for a number of years.  She lived in Holt, Colorado in a house by herself.  Her son Gene lived in Grand Junction and her daughter had died years ago.  She was lonely and decided to ask her widowed neighbor, Lewis Waters, if he would like to come over and sleep with her during the nights.  Not for sex, just to have someone to talk to, and not feel so alone at night.  An odd idea, but Lewis considered it and decided to try it.

Of course, the small town began to gossip, but they figured they were old and who cares?  Their adult children were not happy with the arrangement, and Addie's son forced the issue, creating problems.

During their nights together, Addie and Lewis began sharing their pasts with each other and found an emotional intimacy that neither had known before as they opened up about each of their marriages, and other issues.

It's a hopeful and charming book about second chances.  It's not a sappy ending, nor even an expected ending, but still one of hope, not sadness.

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